[smokeping-users] Don't record data

baeri3 at gmx.de baeri3 at gmx.de
Fri Sep 6 16:07:36 CEST 2013

Hello together,

i installed on CentOS release 5.4 the Smokeping Version 2.006009 like this link:

But smoke don't write correct data in the RRD archive. After the last installation, i only changed the host adress in the sample config and don't edit anything else.

The --debug result:

Smokeping version 2.006009 successfully launched.
Not entering multiprocess mode with '--debug'. Use '--debug-daemon' for that.
FPing: probing 1 targets with step 300 s and offset 55 s.
FPing: Executing /usr/sbin/fping -C 20 -q -B1 -r1 -i10
Calling RRDs::update(/opt/smokeping/data/Test/James.rrd --template uptime:loss:median:ping1:ping2:ping3:ping4:ping5:ping6:ping7:ping8:ping9:ping10:ping11:ping12:ping13:ping14:ping15:ping16:ping17:ping18:ping19:ping20 1378394189:U:20:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U:U)
Alert "someloss": no match for target /opt/smokeping/data/Test/James

All ping result's are "U(ndef)". If i try:

/usr/sbin/fping -C 20 -q -B1 -r1 -i10

i get this (i think good) result: : 0.42 0.36 0.32 0.32 0.32 0.29 0.32 0.47 0.46 0.46 0.39 0.31 0.31 0.31 0.32 0.31 0.29 0.32 0.31 0.32

On a other system i see on --debug a line like
FPing: Got fping output: ...
but not at the new installation.

Can you help me?

Many thanks from south germany,

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