[smokeping-users] Problem finding the HTDocs file

ITheodoridis at bankofgreece.gr ITheodoridis at bankofgreece.gr
Wed Sep 25 15:26:07 CEST 2013

Hello Will!

The contents of the htdocs dir are normally the cgi and fcgi files plus
the cropper directory which is a javascript for zooming in your graph
pages. I will not get into that right now.

Leave your basepage.html where you found it. There is no need to change
its location.

What you do need is make sure the reference in the config file is
correct (it's a little lower than the rest of the filepaths in the
smokeping config file).

Since you installed the package (instead of compiling yourself) I would
expect all the file references in the config to be correct. Just check
to make sure.

The place where you will be copying the cropper directory is a matter of
choice. You can choose to copy it in the webroot directory (probably
/var/www/ in that case) or under the smokeping web directory (check your
config file to see where that is). There is a cross reference for
cropper in the basepage.html file so what you do needs to reflect that.
There are absolute references and relative references for that and the
graphs in the config and the basepage.html so you need to be careful
there. I don't remember those by heart so get started with the main
smokeping features and we can work out cropper later if you still have
problems. You will probably go through graph creation issues first
(usually file rights issues) before you run into those.

The cgi files usually go in a separate folder than the rest of the web
documents (for example the cropper dir or the smokeping graph images and
data). That depends on the distro used. I can't remember by heart where
it is for Debian (rasbian in this case) but it could be under /usr/lib.

Check those to start with and get back to us for more.

If you keep running into trouble I may try to reproduce your setup to
provide accurate help (I just got my PI back).

Good luck and keep it up!


On a personal note let me tell you all that finally my institution
approved the purchase of 15 PIs for dispatchable smokeping slaves so I
expect to get started on that project sometime in the near feature!


Best Regards, 




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All configuration files are in /etc/smokeping/

The html base is basepage.html 

The /etc/smokeping/config.d/ contains the Target, Probes and Alert




On 25 September 2013 08:22, Will Brocklebank
<will at facetofacedigital.com> wrote:

Dear all - I am an enthusiastic noob so please forgive any inexperienced
foolishness ;-)

I have progressed through the installation procedure on Raspbian and all
seems to be running smoothly.


However, I have hit a problem with firing up the actual web interface.
Specifically I do not understand these instructions:


"There is a sample htdocs directory in your smokeping installation root.
Copy its content to the place where your webserver expects its files.
There are also two sample cgi scripts showing how to launch the
smokeping cgi in your website. The only difference is the file
extension. Adjust the paths in the script and you should be ready to


I installed smokeping via apt-get on my Raspberry Pi and now I cannot
find any htdocs directory either in the smokeping installation root (for
clarity maybe someone could tell me exactly where this is so I can
double-check but it isn't in /usr/etc/smokeping) and do not know how to
move forward!


Thanks for all your help!



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