[smokeping-users] Problem finding the HTDocs file

ITheodoridis at bankofgreece.gr ITheodoridis at bankofgreece.gr
Thu Sep 26 12:42:38 CEST 2013

If the url you are using ends with .fcgi, then it's all about the apache
With Rasbian you will probably have to dig into the Apache config
yourself to check if the mod-fcgi is declared properly to be used (it
calls certain libraries, I have done that on my own once but ever since
it seems to be working fine with default install). I will check later on
the pi and let you know if I can draw any conclusions from it.

If you are getting the crosshair but no zoom something maybe wrong on
the basepage.html file. Check in there to see if all references for the
javascript point to the correct locations.
<script src="/cropper/lib/prototype.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/cropper/cropper.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/cropper/smokeping-zoom.js"
This is what I got on my main installation (I don't use the pi for
master installation, so this comes from an Open SuSE system), as you can
see I got the cropper dir in the webroot directory (/srv/www/htdocs in
OpenSuSE, probably in /var/www in Debian/Ubuntu like systems). 

For the apache part, in Open SuSE there is a modular structure with
config  files in them, most of them under /etc/apache2/conf.d . In that
dir you can find the config file for mod-fcgid (mod_fcgid.conf) which
contains all the necessary declarations for fcgi module.  Also in
sysconfig.d directory there is the loadmodule.conf file where you need
to declare the module to be loaded for example:
LoadModule fcgid_module                   /usr/lib/apache2/mod_fcgid.so

In the main config file (default-server.conf) you must have a handler
For the mod-fcgid the proposed handler from the apache documentation is
something like this

<Directory /usr/local/apache/fcgi-bin/>
SetHandler fcgid-script
Options +ExecCGI
# Customize the next two directives for your requirements.
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
 This comes from this page:
So without being an expert on the subject, if you have defined a handler
for your module and made sure it is loaded, it should work. You could
check with your apache logs to see if something is going wrong. I am
afraid that's as far as my knowledge will take me until now, I am happy
to learn something if someone else can provide more accurate

The php handler is used when you call this method from php pages. I
don't think it applies here (referring to Artiflo's mail) since we are
not using php.

I will check where the configs are in Rasbian (if possible) and get back
to you.
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Thanks again. I do get the cross-hairs but when I drag over a portion of
the graph nothing happens.

Is there a way I can check if it is using FastCGI? It's not a problem
but it probably takes 5 seconds to load any page at the moment. 

Startup seems to be working fine across reboot but I'll check again this

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