[smokeping-users] Missing cutoff smoke

smokeping at osburn.com smokeping at osburn.com
Tue Dec 23 05:45:56 CET 2014

 	Anyone have suggestions on how to make my graphs look like the example 
from the smokeping web page?

This is what I mean:

 	See how the smoke is cut off in the above graphs from the URL. I've 
googled and read the other posts from 2008 but never saw any solution. I'm 
using the latest version 2.6.11. I've changed unison_tolerance to many values 
and deleted/restarted the rrd files from scratch each time but still get the 
same results. Is it possible to scale down the data on graphs so I can see more 
of the smoke? (Like the example from the smokeping web page)

 	Any help is welcome.


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