[smokeping-users] Lost of data after moving host to a different section

Russell Dwarshuis rjd at merit.edu
Sun Dec 28 02:35:27 CET 2014

Find the Hostgroup2/Host2.rrd file in the directory specified by the datadir variable in your config file and copy it to Hostgroup1/Host2.rrd

Russell Dwarshuis 

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Subject: [smokeping-users] Lost of data after moving host to a different	section

Hello Guys, 

I'm wondering about how I can move a host from one section to another without losing the data (nothing bad regarding getting data). For Example: 

++ Hostgroup1 
menu = Bioquim Building 
title = PING to Bioquim Building 

+++ Host1 
menu = Host1 
title = PING to host1 
host = 

++ Hostgroup2 
menu = Spazio Building 
title = PING to Spazio Building 

+++ Host2 
menu = Host2 
title = PING to Host2 
host = 

+++ Host3 
menu = Host2 
title = PING to Host3 
host = 

If I move Host2 into Hostgroup1, the gathered data starts polling over from nothing. Is there a way I can achieve this?. 

Thanks in advance to all. 

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