[smokeping-users] References & best practices for FastCGI

jpp at distantsmokes.com jpp at distantsmokes.com
Sun Jul 6 21:16:39 CEST 2014


I already set up a SmokePing service using plain CGI, with multiple 

Quite naturally, I added the application as a target to follow its 
performances. On a standard physical server (2 cores), the HTTP response 
time varies around 1sec. Moreover it tends to increase when adding 

I noticed mentions of SpeedyCGI in Smokeping official documentation. But 
the tool is no more maintained. In this mailing list, I notice patch for 
FastCGI that lead to this question:

What is the more up-to-date reference and best practices for FastCGI 
smokeping deployment ?


PS: the server environment is a plain Debain Wheezy with Apache 
(mod_perl potentially enabled)

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