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Moving to a new server is best performed by exporting the data from the RRD files as XML, install Smokeping on the new server, then create new RRD files from the XML exports.

Something like the below should help…  The first one-liner will take a directory full of RRD files and create XML files which are portable between architectures (e.g. migrating from legacy 32-bit server to a new 64-bit server).  Copy the XML files to your new server install, create the appropriate directory tree, move the XML files into the necessary folder, and then run the XML-to-RRD one-liner.

# convert RRD to XML
for f in *.rrd; do rrdtool dump ${f} > ${f}.xml; done

# convert XML to RRD
for f in `ls *.xml`; do rrdtool restore $f `echo $f |sed s/.xml//g`; done

Graphics are rendered by the web interface, so no need to carry those forward, as new graphs will be generated on-demand.

Copy the text config files from the old server to the new, ensuring the same hierarchy and target list is maintained.

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Hey guys, I need bit of help about the procedure. I want to export the data from my current smokeping server to other with a newer version without lost the statistics, graphics, and so on. Could you give me some guidance if is a bad idea? or is better to update my current smokeping instead of moving?

Current smokeping version = 2.000009

New smokeping = 2.006008
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