[smokeping-users] Read target hostname/IP from a script's output

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Thu Oct 30 18:10:33 CET 2014

 But I discarded that as well since I thought it was kind of "overkill," and I didn't know whether SmokePing would eventually cache the nameserver lookup.

Smokeping doesn't cache any DNS information - it simply calls fping with whatever IP/FQDN and fping does the lookup, if any.
The name server won't/shouldn't cache anything longer than the TTL on the zone A record. [Which should be in your control in this case.]
I use ddns entries as targets regularly and have no problem.

IMO, you're over thinking this. Scripting a ddns type update will require not much time and works fine. [I'd guess you could update a DDNS entry by setting up the PPPoE in your router - virtually all have provision to update a ddns record when the interface changes. It's been a while since I messed with PPPoE, but that's the way I recall it.]

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