[smokeping-users] Pinging from different network interfaces

Neil Gascoigne neil.gascoigne at first-utility.com
Wed Apr 29 17:36:37 CEST 2015

Hello listers,

New lister here and new Smokeping user.  Please be nice! :-)

I'm looking at dropping slave units around the office shortly in an effort
to monitor the performance of our local WLAN.

Having a look at the list of probes, the only one probe that can explicitly
utilise any interface is Curl.

Ideally I'd like to keep the slave units connected by Ethernet so (for SSH
purposes) I can establish a solid connection to them at any time regardless
of WiFi performance, but utilise the WLAN interface to probe by ICMP.

Am I able to choose which interface to ping from?

Thanks in advance

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