[smokeping-users] pocketless alarm question, sending to soon the alarm emails.

Rob de Hoog rob at robdehoog.nl
Fri Jul 3 09:21:30 CEST 2015

Hi team

I hope you are doing great today?

what a great tool! Love to run it on my RBp2 and monitor the internet connection! I have a small question but i can’t solve it myself would you try to help me?

The goal is to have an alert when the internetline is experiencing packetloss, but for a longer time not on every glitch. Im using FPingnormal with a step of 180 (means 3 minutus) 

The loss pattern i defined is like : 10%,*25*,>10%,*25*,>10%,*25*,>10% which means based on the how to’s provided on the website: Take 25 samples (which is 25*3 minutes) so if the packetloss exists from start -> 75 minutes later still>10% -> 75 minutes later still >10% and another 75 minutes later still >10% send out an email.

But it send out an email almost directly, please see the screenshots where the packets loss starts and when i received the email, that timeframe is not even close to 75 minutes but more like a few minutes.

Could you advise how to make the packetloss alarm more reliable where it last for at least 1 hour before sending out the email?

Many thanks! Cheers Rob

how the system works now (screenshots where to big)

-packetloss started about 07:40 stable around 07:55 and started again 08:03
-email alarm received around  08:07 after the second block of packets loss 
-email cleared received  after 3 minutes around 08:10

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