[smokeping-users] Hierarchies example

Adrian Popa adrian_gh.popa at telekom.ro
Fri Jun 12 09:14:17 CEST 2015

Sorry to spam the list yet again, but I'm looking for an example to 
build alternate views of my graphs without polling for the data again.

For instance, I have this structure (simplified):

+ Speedtest_Performance

++ Speedtest_Server_X

+++ Slave_1

++++ Probe_Slave_1_to_Server_X_download
++++ Probe_Slave_1_to_Server_X_upload

+++ Slave_2

++++ Probe_Slave_2_to_Server_X_download
++++ Probe_Slave_2_to_Server_X_upload

I would like to build a different view without repolling the data that 
would look like this:

+ Speedtest_Alternate_View

++ Speedtest_Server_X_Alternate

+++ Probe_Slave_1_to_Server_X_download
+++ Probe_Slave_2_to_Server_X_download
+++ Probe_Slave_1_to_Server_X_upload
+++ Probe_Slave_2_to_Server_X_upload

As far as I've read, this should be possible with MultiHost or with 
Hierarchies. I think I understand how MultiHost works, but I don't want 
to bundle all the data on the same graph (yet), so I want to try an 
alternate hierarchy.

Problem is - I'm not sure how it's supposed to work - can anybody share 
a sample config/use case?

Thank you!


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