[smokeping-users] Alert with E-Mail and SMS

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Tue Mar 10 16:12:07 CET 2015

Sorry, failed to send it to the list! [Damn!]

How can I manage to get an alert if a target is no more reachable by fping?
I customized all config files ? but no email was sent!

Seriously, did you read the docs? 

Did you run in debug mode, and is a trigger occurring? [i.e. Your trigger works as you intended, but the email just didn't go out properly, or your trigger doesn't work like you intended?]
[Call smokeping with "--debug" and see what happens in the output. That's data you have to have to evaluate why it doesn't work. That you'd ask us why it doesn't work without this data seems crazy. If you had it but didn't share, you're expecting us to be crazy with you... :) ]

How about you tell us what you tried, instead of making us guess. [And if you haven't tried much, now's the time to start.]

In the second step I want to send a SMS by smstools (creating a text file in a spool directory). 
How can this be managed (i.e. write the alert message in a file)?

See the "|" command/option to handle custom alert functions.
In the docs above, see the "To" option in the Alerts section. Notice the "|" pipe option.

Frankly, if you're doing anything with more than a small number of targets, using something like Nagios will probably work better for the alerts. [Nagios can poll the smokeping RRD's and generate much more elaborate notifications than smokeping can.] Buf if you want, you can write all the scripting needed to accomplish any alert task yourself. It might not be easy and/or quick, but it's possible.


Hope someone can help!

Regards Agrippus

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