[smokeping-users] Alert with E-Mail and SMS

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Mar 11 16:14:35 CET 2015

Of course I used ?smokeping --debug-daemon --nosleep?. Here you can see the problem (found in /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages):

Not sure why you didn't provide the output and the config initially. 
The last two messages from me to you and back again wouldn't have been needed. [Ok, I'll quit whining now.]

Mar 11 08:10:20 mstech smokeping[4944]: FPing: Got fping output: 'ICMP Host Unreachable from for ICMP Echo sent to'
Mar 11 08:10:21 mstech smokeping[4944]: Alert "bigloss": no match for target /var/lib/smokeping/Local/EeePCDebian

The second log line means there was NO MATCH - i.e. bigloss doesn't apply, because there's "NO MATCH"

So, if there's no match between your alert condition, and the current state of the connection, you obviously won't get an alert - because you shouldn't get one.

>pattern = ==0%,==0%,==0%,==0%,>0%,>0%,>0%

You know that this pattern means that you have to get *three* sample intervals with ZERO loss, followed by three that have greater than zero loss, right?
So, a connection that's down right from the start will NEVER match this pattern. [Which can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on your intent.]

So, go back and read about patterns - trying to do "tricky" things with patterns can really have unintended consequences. IMO, it's a bit like messing with regex's. If they don't work, it's probably me, not a "bug" in grep. [Ok, not probably - without a doubt.] :) 

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