[smokeping-users] FreeBSD slave configuration --> Automatic boot at startup

OOSTERS Mario Mario.OOSTERS at groups.be
Mon Mar 23 14:16:44 CET 2015

Thank you very much, it is indeed working…
I thought I needed to create a special rc.d daemon…

This is way simpler!!! Thx a lot!

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You can put it in /etc/rc.local and it will run at boot.

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Subject: [smokeping-users] FreeBSD slave configuration --> Automatic boot at startup


I need to make 30 slaves, each one running on a NUC at one of our agencies in a Virtualbox.

I got everything working except one thing that is probably really simple, but I don’t seem to get it…
How do I autoboot the smokeping slave using rc.d system.
My manual command is

/usr/local/bin/smokeping --master-url=http://slat01.groups.local/smokeping/smokeping.fcgi --cache-dir=/usr/local/var/smokeping --shared-secret=/usr/local/etc/smokeping/slave_secret

How do I do this now with rc.d in FreeBSD?

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