[smokeping-users] Slave config woes

masonke masonke at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 16:24:53 CET 2015

smokeping -v

For some crazy reason, smokeping claims it cannot open the smokeping_secrets file on the slave. Anyone know what could be wrong? I am running as root, the smokeping_secrets has one word in it.

root at xxxxx:/etc/smokeping# smokeping --master-url=http://smoker.yyy.svc/cgi-bin/smokeping.cgi <http://smoker.yyy.svc/cgi-bin/smokeping.cgi> --cache-dir=/var/cache/smokeping --shared-secret=/etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets --debug --logfile=/tmp/smoke.log
WARNING: Opening secrets file /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets: Permission denied

Sent data to Server. Server said WARNING: Opening secrets file /etc/smokeping/smokeping_secrets: Permission denied
ERROR: we did not get config from the master. Maybe we are not configured as a slave for any of the targets on the master ?

-rw-r----- 1 root root 4 Nov 1 15:13 smokeping_secrets

BTW, the slave config is a nightmare, the docs are so far out of date, it isn't funny


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