[smokeping-users] LibreNMS smokeping config file issue

Oliver Marshall oliver at olivermarshall.net
Thu Nov 19 10:27:47 CET 2015

Hi chaps

We use LibreNMS and they have a php script which creates a smokeping config
file containing the full list of devices on the network and a menu
structure for smokeping.

Only in Ubuntu it causes smokeping to complain. The top of the config file
is shown below (ignore the ------ delimiters)


menu = Top
title = Network Latency Grapher

+ network
menu = network
title = network

This causes Smokeping to complain about the "menu=" line at line 2.

I can get it working if I disable the Targets file and then put the ***
Targets *** header and the probe line in at the top but these changes are
overwritten by LibreNMS when they update their device lists.

I was wondering whether there is an easy way in Smokeping to accommodate
the config that they are creating? If not then I can look at editing their
script that creates this config file but I'd prefer not to in case it too
is overwritten at a later date.

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