[smokeping-users] DHCP handling

Joseph Jackson jjackson at aninetworks.net
Mon Apr 11 01:37:08 CEST 2016

Host file is always checked first before DNS or cache.

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Script to work with the host file sounds great.
Did a few tests with that idea and it looks like it’ll work.
Much appreciated.

When the host is passed into FPing, will it check the hostfile everytime it’s run or will it cache the DNS requests?
Would I have to flush DNS cache whenever I change host file if something changes IP?

Whenever something changes IP address, I’ll have to have the script re-write the config file for Smokeping then restart the service.
Is that going to cause any issues on Smokeping side?

I’m just going to do this with my host file:
IPADDRESS MAC.tld.com.au
Then put the MAC.tld.com.au as the host in the Smokeping config file.

Joshua Cameron
Systems Administrator

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BOOTP?  Or use a script to populate the  host file.

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Subject: [smokeping-users] DHCP handling


I use Smokeping for about 40 devices at the moment, but we’ve got around 200 more on the network I’d like to add to it.

However some of the devices I want to monitor on our network can have dynamic IP addresses(DHCP), beside setting everything to static IPs which is never gonna happen, is there a way to keep the ping history data in Smokeping associated to a device across IP address changes?
Some sort of MAC address lookup or similar?

Joshua Cameron
Systems Administrator
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