[smokeping-users] Losspatterns

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Thu Feb 11 19:03:43 CET 2016

HCDas> hello greg,

HCDas> you are right, I mean option 2. When there is loss at some hop in the
HCDas> trace but not at the target itself. Is there a way to prevent smokeping
HCDas> from reporting these kinds of loss?

HCDas> kind regards,
HCDas> H.-C. Dehbel

As noted in my prior message - you DO have loss. fping isn't going to show a case where a router in the middle of the connection is dropping IMCP requests to the router itself, but passing all other traffic. If fping shows loss, there IS loss between the fping source and the end target.

If fping is showing loss, you have loss across the connection, period. [Unless there's a problem with fping somehow.]

So, I don't think option #2 applies in the situation you outline.

I still think doing something like an MTR could be helpful - but that's a side issue. I think you're making erroneous conclusions about the results/interpretation of the fping/smokeping results.
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