[smokeping-users] Edgetrigger and repeating alert notifications

William Josefsson williamjosefsson at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 23 14:57:27 CET 2016

Hi I've had problems with repeating alert notifications for a target that has been completely down all the time, it is shut down.

My Alerts pattern section looks as below, and I get repeated 'someloss' triggers for this particular node although I've edgetrigger and I shouldn't  have got a second notification, it seem to just continue.

I've read the Smokeping config manual but I'm not sure if my patterns below are false or am I toggling the pattern unexpectedly ?

I have restarted my Smokeping with init script I'm not sure if that means that all states for forgotten and email will be resent?

The alert emails are all for the same target and look the same I get:

pattern: >0%,>5%,>=5%

Loss: S, 100%, 100%, 100%
RTT: S, U, U, U

Please advice on this edge trigger and if I've some faulty configuration below

Standard Smokeping 2.6.8 Ubuntu 14.04 package

type = loss
edgetrigger = yes
pattern = >0%,>5%,>=5%
comment = We've got loss 3 times in a row over the past 15min

type = loss
edgetrigger = yes
pattern = ==0%,==0%,==0%, ==U
comment = host down!

Thank you, William
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