[smokeping-users] Automatically download fresh .png snapshot.

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This thread might help.



That’s actually exactly what I’m trying to avoid. ;)  
The keyword is automation.  I need to script this so that I can present static, 7 day graphs to people outside my dept – without having to spend time manually taking screenshots of each graph.

— Daniel Crandall
Savant - DevOps

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Can’t you just take a screenshot? 
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Subject: [smokeping-users] Automatically download fresh .png snapshot.
I need to automatically download .png of 7 day snapshots of certain smokeping graphs to send to a group of concerned parties.  I’ve tried two techniques without success:
1)  Download the png using wget
I learned about setting the displaymode=a and adjusting the start and end URL chunks to get a URL like this:
This URL gives me a single graph with the snapshot interval I need.  But I can’t figure out how to download the actual graph png.  It’s weird because if I put the URL in a browser, right click on the graph and save it manually, it saves a file called smokeping.png that is the correct graph.  But when I try to do the same using wget like this:
 `wget -nd -r -l 5 -A png https://smokeping.oursite.com/smokeping/smokeping.cgi?displaymode=a;start=now-7day;end=now;target=OurServers.HTTPSLatency.prd` 
It downloads smokeping.png – but instead of it being a graph, this version is simply the smokeping logo.  It also downloads the RRD logo, but no other png files.
2) Using rrdtool on the rrd files themselves to generate a png of the snapshot I’m looking for on my smokeping server, and then copying it to the web server dir where I can then download it using wget.  
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to figure out the correct rrd parameters and DEF, CDEF, AREA..etc. settings to actually generate a smokeping graph.
If anyone can point me in the right direction with either of the above methods – or share another technique to achieve the same goal, I would be very grateful.
— Daniel Crandall
Savant - DevOps
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