[smokeping-users] Webinterfacemenu not navigable

hdssdsdsdsfsdf hdssdsdsdsfsdf hdssdsdsdsfsdf at mail.com
Tue Apr 4 14:27:42 CEST 2017

In my smokepinginstallation only the toplevel entries on the lefthand menu are displayed. For example "Charts", but I cannot click on "Charts" to see the entries below that. If I place hostentries in the toplevel, I do see their minigraph in the main page, so the rest of the setup is working fine.

Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? Let me know what information I should provide.

I use the default settings for the "Charts" menu, so would expect at least that one to work:

*** Presentation ***

template = /etc/smokeping/basepage.html
charset  = utf-8

+ charts

menu = Charts
title = The most interesting destinations

++ stddev
sorter = StdDev(entries=>4)
title = Top Standard Deviation
menu = Std Deviation
format = Standard Deviation %f

++ max
sorter = Max(entries=>5)
title = Top Max Roundtrip Time
menu = by Max
format = Max Roundtrip Time %f seconds

++ loss
sorter = Loss(entries=>5)
title = Top Packet Loss
menu = Loss
format = Packets Lost %f

++ median
sorter = Median(entries=>5)
title = Top Median Roundtrip Time
menu = by Median
format = Median RTT %f seconds

+ overview

width = 600
height = 50
range = 10h

+ detail

width = 600
height = 200
unison_tolerance = 2

"Last 3 Hours"    3h
"Last 30 Hours"   30h
"Last 10 Days"    10d
"Last 360 Days"   360d

#+ hierarchies
#++ owner
#title = Host Owner
#++ location
#title = Location

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