[smokeping-users] Generic SNMP probe?

Fredrik Björk f at skulle.se
Sun Feb 12 23:55:51 CET 2017


Since I like Smokeping so much for pinging I figured it would be nice to 
be able to query hosts for various SNMP OIDs, like Ethernet RX errors, 
temperatures and such. Perhaps I should use Cacti or someting like that 
for this, but Smokeping is so much easier to manage in small setups so 
why not use it for this purpose as well? Has this been done or can it be 
implemented with not too much effort? I can't seem to find a probe that 
takes a host and an OID as argument, which would be the required 
parameters I think. The closest seems to be the Cisco RTT probes (they 
do some SNMP magic), but they are not suitable for this purpose.


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