[smokeping-users] Empty graphs after reboot

Andy Hoogeland ajh1999 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 00:44:49 CEST 2017


Just checked:
- in debug-daemon mode smokeping runs normal. Graphs are updated, until
reboot or service restart. After that, the previously plotted data is still
shown but no more updates. The graph still updates in time.
- the .rrd files are still updated, according to the file's timestamp.
- the apache2 logs don't show any (recent) errors.

Does this help?

Op 12 okt. 2017 18:24 schreef "Gregory Sloop" <gregs at sloop.net>:

> You're sure the debug showed the RRD's getting updated?
> [And the dates on the RRD files are updated? (Second check if the RRD's
> are actually getting data.)]
> If they [the RRDs] are getting the data, then it's a *read* problem
> getting the data out.
> Apache logs would be the place to look then.
> -Greg
> Thanks for the suggestion!
> The pi doesn't have a hardware clock, so I assume this depends on the
> start-up sequence.
> To see if that would be the cause I tried to take Smokeping out of the
> boot-up sequence and start it manually after everything started (and the pi
> learned the actual time).
> Unfortunately the graphs are still empty.
> Was this a good test to rule this out as the cause of my problem? Or is
> there something else I could try...
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