[smokeping-users] Question about sending different Alerts to different e-mails

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Jan 29 16:18:54 CET 2018

jm> Hello!
jm> Maybe someone know: is it possible to achive the scheme like this:
jm> - send Alerts related to one group of Targets to one group of e-mails;
jm> - send Alerts related to second group of Targets to second group of e-mails.
jm> To send e-mails with Alerts we are using sendmail.

I'm not aware of any way to do that using the regular alert system. You could use the | [pipe] option in alerts to run a script, and handle the alerts using your own script and then do what's needed in your own script. [I do this to automatically run MTR's when an alert is triggered - this allows me to get a better view of the link status, end-to-end.]

One should note however, that elaborate notifications are not a strong-suit of smokeping. I generally don't do any notification inside smokeping, and use something like Nagios/OMD to handle more complex notifications - it is a tool that was intended to handle multi-layered notifications with fairly complex rules. There's even a plug-in that will allow Nagios to monitor smokeping RRD databases, but doesn't allow for the very complex matching rules that smokeping has. But it's still pretty useful. I used to use it, but have moved on to other methods that don't rely on smokeping for alerting.
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