[smokeping-users] SSH probe fails when smokeping host does not support SSHv1

Kent Kuriyama kent.kuriyama at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 15:39:02 CEST 2018

I would like to propose a change to "SSH.pm" so that it does not check for
SSHv1 hosts.

When the SSH probe (SSH.pm) is enabled it executes:

  '/usr/bin/ssh-keyscan -t dsa,rsa,rsa1'

upon startup.  Note the key type 'rsa1' is explicitly being checked for and
fails if ssh-keygen is compiled with SSHv2 support only.  I propose that
the snippet of code be changed to:

  '/usr/bin/ssh-keyscan -t dsa,rsa'

Under the recently released FreeBSD 11.2, SSHv1 is not supported by default
and thus disables the smokeping daemon.  If SSHv1 must be supported can a
configuration switch be added so that SSHv2 only hosts can startup?  Thank
Kent, kent.kuriyama at gmail.com
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