[smokeping-users] Edge trigger - sixth argument not present when alert is cleared

Ricardo Jorge ricardoj.br.eti at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 22:45:20 CEST 2018

I'm running Smokeping 2.6.11 on ubuntu 16.04 and when alert is 
configured for edgetrigger = yes the sixth argument is not present when 
alert is cleared.

It is present on alert set. See bellow :

1532634650;webconnloss;Appliances.IoT_A001P;loss: 100%, 100%, 100%;rtt: 
U, U, U;;1
1532635353;webconnloss;Appliances.IoT_A001P;loss: 100%, 100%, 0%;rtt: U, 
U, 96ms;;

The file was created by this bash script :

#The alert notifications and/or the programs executed are normally 
triggered every
#time the alert matches. If this variable is set to 'yes', they will be 
#only when the alert's state is changed, ie. when it's raised and when 
it's cleared.
#Subsequent matches of the same alert will thus not trigger a notification.
#When this variable is set to 'yes', a notification program (see the 
B<to> variable
#documentation above) will get a sixth argument, B<raise>, which has the 
value 1 if the alert
#was just raised and 0 if it was cleared.
#name-of-alert, target, loss-pattern, rtt-pattern, hostname, raise 
now=`/bin/date +%s`
/bin/echo "$now;$1;$2;$3;$4;$5;$6" >> /home/smokeping/alert_up_down.txt

Is there any additional configuration that I missed ?

Thank you,

Ricardo Jorge

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