[smokeping-users] Configuring a maintenance window

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Sep 28 16:19:30 CEST 2018

IMO, by far the easiest way to control notifications is to use a tool that's really meant to handle notifications elegantly.
OMD [Nagios/Naemon/Iconga "package"] handles this kind of stuff really well.

Setting up OMD/Magios isn't trivial, but once you do it, you can have a very elegant notification process - multiple destinations, groups, notification windows etc. 

I've posted this general thought multiple times - but I'll say it again. 
Smokeping is, IMO, a "quality" tool. [What is the quality of the connection like.]
OMD/Nagios are "state" tools. [Is the connection "up" or "down" - and what do we do about it.]

The alert system in smokeping is pretty limited - and writing all the code to make it more elaborate would take a lot of effort. Using Nagios plug-ins to allow OMD/Nagios to view/use smokeping rrd's. [or simply use OMD's ping test to check directly and run the two tools independently - which is what I do. I used to use the plug-in, but I'm just as happy having both OMD and smokeping pinging the same hosts and the setup is less complicated in that I don't have to do any special configuration to either tool, and there's no dependencies between them.] 

The reason I suggest OMD [vs Nagios] is the "scheduled routine maintenance" window you describe.
OMD has this built in. Nagios, the free version, doesn't - at least the last I checked.
OMD has a tool to allow you to block out, say a 15m window for a host that routinely occurs - and it will keep notifications from being sent during the window - but it will still keep checking and maintaining stats.

I can't say enough good things about OMD - it's *totally* kicks @ss. Totally.

So, in my setup - OMD alerts me to down hosts/services and other serious problems.
Then, if it's something more complicated than up/down, I then bring up smokeping and start looking at the more nuanced detail.



ps> Dear all,

ps> I tried searching the doc and the archive and didn't find anything 
ps> useful.
ps> Is there an option to define maintenance windows?

>> We are monitoring ~100 Hosts
>> A chunk of those is unreachable for ~5-10 minutes every night (ISPs are 
>> working on some stuff)
>> We get sent notifications for those downtimes
->> We are looking at ways to not receive mails between ~11:45pm and 
ps> ~3:45am

ps> Any clue on how to achieve this?

ps> Thanks a lot in advance & best regards!

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