[smokeping-users] tSmoke --testmail not working

Jurgen Brunink jurgen.lists at jbserver.eu
Fri Dec 27 19:08:26 CET 2019

Hi folks,

I'm running Smokeping in a Docker container running version 2.007003
with Perl 5.28.2. I'm trying to verify that mail can be sent through
my mail server using ssmtp which acts as a replacement for Sendmail.
Unfortunately I'm getting the following error:

> ERROR: not sending mail to <email>, as all methodes failed

Looking into Smokeping.pm tells me that the function being used for
mail sending by tSmoke tries to check for the existence of certain
variables in the $cfg hashmap(?). It appears to be that $cfg variable
is not populated in Smokeping.pm during runtime and that sending mail
will always fail when using tSmoke. The $cfg variable is available and
populated in the tSmoke script.

The only way to get this working is to have a symbolic link on
/usr/lib/sendmail to a Sendmail compliant script/binary. To me it
seems the ability of using Net::SMTP or a custom Sendmail binary set
in $cfg->{General}{sendmail} is not possible right now.

My suggestion is to remove the existence check for /usr/lib/sendmail
in Smokeping.pm entirely on line 272 and fix the $cfg var availability
in Smokeping.pm. This will prevent unexpected behaviour and allow the
user to use the sendmail option in the Smokeping config.

Sadly I have no experience in programming in Perl to look into this
more closely and try to fix. I'm happy to submit a PR which will
remove the existence check but without an actual fix for $cfg this
will break the program more right now.

Any help/feedback would be appreciated! :-)

Met vriendelijke groet,

Jurgen Brunink

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