[smokeping-users] smokeping modification - need help please

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Jul 5 20:15:09 CEST 2019

No. There's no way, currently, to accomplish what you want.

Smokeping hasn't seen a lot of development work in quite some time. It's pretty mature, and any new efforts are probably going to go into replacements. [I'm not in any way involved in smokeping development. I'm simply speaking as someone who has been involved in the community for quite some time, and those are my impressions.]

Full source is available though.
You could do the development work yourself, or perhaps find someone to pay to do it.
[I'd guess with 2000 devices to monitor, probably breaking some dollars loose to fund development might be do-able. :) ]


JS> hi
JS> anybody ?
JS> regards

JS> W dniu 2019-07-04 o 10:40, Jacek Sołtys pisze:
>> Hi
>> i have 2000 devices to monitor

>> anybody can help me with
>> smokeping modification

>> to show adjustable charts
>> eg:

>> show last 36h graphs with max ping above 2x below 3x than avrg 36h time

>> show last 36h graphs with max ping above 3x than avrg 36h time

>> show last 36h graphs with max lose above (1,2,3,or x packetlos) 36h time

>> smokepng has "charts" menu  with mediana, max etc

>> but is only current 15minutes

>> it be soo cool if we can much more customize  chars menu like i was 
>> writen above

>> Best regards
>> Jack
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