[smokeping-users] detecting short periods (1-2 seconds) of high latency

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Wed Mar 20 12:36:06 CET 2019

On 19/03/2019 23:44, Timothy Timmons wrote:
> There is a continuous ping module I used to use which was posted on this
> list ages ago.
> I don't know if it was ever officially added though.
> It pings every second, perfect for detecting this sort of thing.

If I understand correctly, all these things (and Doug's reply too, where
he mentioned Cacti and Observium) rely on rrdtool under the hood and
rrdtool has a minimum interval of 1 second.  For this type of problem I
need to be collecting several values per second and keeping them for a
few hours, maybe a day at most.

I could probably script something myself using a time series database
backend but I was hoping there might already be some solution.



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