[mrtg-developers] round y-units in rateup.c

Eric Boesch ericboesch at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 23:59:11 MET 2000

First, cool program.  Thanks.

I thought ytic units of 3.9 (for example) looked weird, so I changed 
rateup.c to do the following:

If the maximum value is 67.5 mbps, and ytics=8, then max/ytics is computed 
(a little over 8, in this case) and the next round unit that looks like 
1,2,25,or 5 is chosen as the actual ytic unit (in this case, that number is 
10).  Tick marks are shown at 10,20,...,60.  The top of the graph is still 
at 67.5, but there is no label there.

The top tick mark is also the 100% mark, if percentages are used, so the 
percentage marks end up being 16.7%,33.3%,...,100% in this case.  That's not 
as nice as it was before, but something had to give.

If the maintainers think that this is an improvement, then I can submit a 
2.9.4 patch.  If not, then that's fine; I won't bother.

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