[mrtg-developers] ANNOUCNE mrtg-2.9.8

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Fri Feb 16 23:45:05 MET 2001


MRTG 2.9.8 is released ... as usual you can get the latest and
greatest version from


There are again Many chnages for this release ... please find the
list below.

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Changes 2.9.8

From: Tobi
 * indexmaker does now also honor ImageDir and problems in
   connection with the directory option. The result should be fewer
   broken links in index files.
 * better documentation on how to suppress images in indexmaker
 * remove potential newlines and padding from snmp response
 * added new global config: SingleRequest to force single variable
   snmp requests.
 * switch group before user if --group is used when starting mrtg
 * added special legends for perminute and perhour
 * new option for indexmaker --pagetop
 * if threshdir is defined, run thresholdprog* only when a boudery
   has been crossed.
 * better documentation of threshold programming
 * only run threshprogs if there are threshold bounderies defined
 * make threshold checking work better ... only run the threshold
   programs when a threshold boundery has been crossed ...
 * threshold stuff should be realy working now

From: Fernando Braghetto - Webmaster Hiway <webmaster at hiway.com.br>
 * total control modem config

From: Sune Kirkeby <sune at silvertag.com>
 * configurable lockfile locations

From: Tim Cimarusti <tim at cimware.com>
 * update for ciscoindex contrib

From: Michael Bussmann <bus at fgan.de>
 * update mrtgindx.cgi to work with .png files

From: Steven Shipway <Steven_Shipway at adsweu.com>
 * Steven has a MRTG&RRDTOOL website now. Replaced references and
   with links to http://www.cheshire.demon.co.uk/pub/

From: Gianmarco Armellin <gianmarco at armellin.com>
 * index.html?.meta code was not working

From: Us <us at sweet-sorrow.com>
 * slovenian translation

From: Andres Kroonmaa <andre at online.ee>
 * add commandline to generated output of indexmaker as a commet

From: Andrew Ivanov <ivanov at rbc.ru>
 * snmpoptions were disregadrded in the table population area of
   the script

From: Simon Lyall <simon.lyall at ihug.co.nz>
 * more tolerant matching for Description in indexmaker

From: Anthony Fabian <anthony.fabian at comindico.com.au>
 * fixed threshold feature: threshprog was not getting the right
   parameters when called

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