[mrtg-developers] 14all.cgi & MRTG/RRD

don at focaleng.net don at focaleng.net
Fri May 11 19:38:07 MEST 2001

 I tried to send this email to Rainer Bawidamann who developed the
14all.cgi script but his mail bounced so I figured I'd try this
list to see if someone else knows the answer.
 I'm sorry to trouble you with a question who's answer is probably
staring me right in the face.
 I'm using MRTG/RRD to record and graph data from several Juniper
routers and Foundry switches.  I've created several CGI scripts
for generating graphs with RRDTool and I was looking at your
14all script.  Using your script, your graphs look slightly
differant than mine, though basically the same.  My question
is about your method of calculation.
 For the most part, I'm pulling figures from the .rrd:
 Changing that figure to bits:
 And graphing it:
 LINE1:bin#0000ff:Incoming traffic
 --In examining your process, you follow the same calculation but
  you compute another figure:
 The 12500000 having to do with my maxspeed setting.  It appears as
 if you are calculating a percentage, but you graph the "fin" value.
 If you have a second, can you help me with your reasoning and
 Don Dunn
 don at focaleng.net

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