[mrtg-developers] Blocking Outages

Brian E. Seppanen seppy at chartermi.net
Thu May 24 14:39:14 MEST 2001

I think I've asked this question before but I don't think anyone has ever
indicated any possible solutions.

I currently graph 2200 targets and that number will grow.  We're using
MRTG 2.9.11 on a DELL Poweredge 2300 Server with Dual PIII 500 and 512 MB
of RAM.  We're running MRTG in daemon mode with the possible forks set to

As it is currently if one of our monitored routers goes down for any
length of time it blocks all other graphs from graphing.  I've tried
modifying the default SNMP session values to only doing a single retry, to
hopefully ease the blocking.  So far I haven't noticed a benefit in terms
of blocking and graphing outages.

I have been told that we need to monitor on each router in/out
traffic,collisions,crc's, and some signal/noise on some routers.  Perhaps
this is trying to do to much on one router, however, I need to see if it's
possible to set up mrtg so that it graphs seemlessly when one router goes

Has anyone seen anything similar to this?  Has anyone resolved this?  Is
there any way of integrating target configs into mysql or any sql database
such that a wrapper program could determine if there is a non-responding
device and take it out of rotation, while periodically performing a check
to find out if the device is avaliable again?  I wish I could write it

Can perl take advantage of multiple threads?

Brian Seppanen
seppy at chartermi.net

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