[mrtg-developers] strange line in graphs with low values.

(Verstrooid) Profke profke at easynet.be
Thu Apr 10 18:52:25 MEST 2003

anyone noticed this behavior?

when a specific host returns very low values, there is a line visible at the
'-1' value and the '1' value.
Is this a bug, or do i do something wrong?

And: if this is a bug: how to prevent/circumvent it?

Example attached: this monitors the uptime of my (very instable) ADSL-modem
in days.
you can see the thin line just above and below the Y=0 axis

max value since march has been 14, so it are allways low numbers.

P.S: I noticed this on the MRTG 2.9.23 (Runs on Compaq Tru64 V5 )
as well as on my own pc (Win2K) with Rateup2.9.27/2.9.22 (rateup.exe from
2.9.27 everything else from 22)

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