[mrtg-developers] Re: IPv6 support for MRTG

Rafael Martinez Torres rafael.martinez at novagnet.com
Mon Apr 28 18:37:16 MEST 2003

Hi there:

I sent this message ( a few line more) to the reply-address
mrtg-developers-bounce two weeks ago but no received it... May be it is

So we have to reply to mrtg-develpers ALWAYS ....
Hi again,

 Some comments on Lorenzo's patch...

0- General:
	Congratulations for the great effort. There are many data
available on tests, running MRTG on a Win32 platforms against
several devices...The aproach of
documents (Tesi.doc)  is inherently academic and brilliant...

	shouldn't we focus the patch on a Unix-like approach...?

1- Doc:
	- Important : ! I miss a simple README.txt on how to install and
apply the patches as well as for Perl Patch as for mrtg itself.

2 - Running:

	You have tested on a Win32, I suppose...

	My tests on a i386-unknown-linux fail on 2.9.28 ... I'm sure I did
a mistake on installing it, please tell me.

	- To avoid side-effects problems with  perls and distro's, I
	installed locally a Perl (5.8.0). BTW,Concerning this point: My
	MRTG doesn't require the last 	version of Perl
	-  I did compile the patch for INET6 ...and installed it...
	- I did install the Socket-0.11 module for Perl...
	- running
		"cfgmaker	public at lisa.consulintel.euro6ix.org"
		does not solve to a IPv address...
			"cannot solve to IPv address"
			ping6 lisa.consultinel.euro6ix.org does...
	- other IPv4 names seems to go...(localhost,segovia.sip.ucm.es...)

3- Overall structure and design:

	I think the Perl Socket-0.11 module should be not integrated in
the mrtg
patch. Both approaches ( Rafael's and Lorenzo's ) agree on this way,
though I
missunderstood some previous message.
	Concerning the 7.5 point on Tesi.doc (Agents with SNMP-only IPv6),
I think this is a bit complicated for a just simple MRTG porting... If the
Agent can run SNMP on IPv6 transport, it has to be so tested.
Otherwhise, no...
	In order to keep backwards compatibilty,
	We shouldn't apply any additional flags to make mrtg run
	on IPv6. Just detect the class of address passed to "cfgmaker" . May be
the error above has to do with this...don't know.

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