[mrtg-developers] Re: IPv6 support for MRTG

Lorenzo Colitti lorenzo at colitti.com
Tue Apr 22 18:30:12 MEST 2003

Rafael Martinez Torres wrote:
> Sorry for delay, I have just read your messages on patchs for MRTG-ipv6.
> I think we should continue discussion on mrtg-developers list.

Ok, here we are.

For the benefit of others on the list who have not been following our 
discussion, the patches I am talking about are here:


They were developed by Valerio Bontempi and myself, and everyone is 
welcome to test them (of course). The latest is against 2.9.28, but we 
plan to produce a final patch against 2.9.29 or whatever beta is current 
in a day or two.

> My patch stands for as well as for DNS names as for numeric IPv6
> addresses, and also is  backwards compatible...
>  But does yours accept public@[2003::14]:161...?

Yes, our patch accepts numeric IPv6 addresses. For example, both of 
these work:

> Target[giga-v6]: 3:public@[2001:760:4:0:204:76ff:fe22:5ba0]:6666
> Target[[2001:760:4:0:204:76ff:fe22:5ba0]_3]: 3:public@[2001:760:4:0:204:76ff:fe22:5ba0]:6666

The former was generated by hand, while the latter was generated by 


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