[mrtg-developers] IP's, OID's, and commented out sections of .cfg files

Charles Johnson johnson-c at MSSU.EDU
Sun Aug 3 01:43:32 MEST 2003

I have mrtg-2.9.29 set up according to the instructions provided
(including libraries), on a RH9 machine. I'm querrying a Novell server.
The version is in the attachments. 
When I run cfgmaker I get differing results depending upon which --ifref
option I use. In all cases (I've tried all 6 options:

1- I get numerous sections that are commented out.

2- Each commented out section references an OID that I can't identify.
(I admit I'm not that good at SNMP. And yes, I have tried.)

3- Only 2 of the files contain usable sections (--ifref=default and

4- In both of those files, the 2 uncommented sections begin with a line
that references an IP number that I don't understand (might be a mangled

5- These numbers are not the same in both files, but appear to be
accomplishing the same thing.

6- The 2 graphs produced by the uncommented sections contain identical
(duplicate) data.

As alluded to above, I've attached the 2 files that produced usable
output. I'm pretty sure the other files are quite similar.

My hope is that someone will be able (and willing) to tell me:

1- What these OID's and IP's mean.

2- What they're good for (if it's not obvious).

3- How I can look these numbers up (somewhere) so I can figure this out
on my own in the future.

I've gotten help here before, so I have no doubt I will again. That
being the case, thanks in advance.

Ed Johnson 
eflashj at swbell.net
johnson-c at mail.mssu.edu

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-- URL : http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/p/config2.cfg

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