[mrtg-developers] Re: URGENT !!! INET6-1.28 and Socket6-0.12

Rafael Martinez Torres rafael.martinez at novagnet.com
Tue Aug 5 00:29:03 MEST 2003


Did you check  MRTG with the new Socket6 and INET6 ?

Maybe you were rigth by warning me in order not to apply getipnodeby*() ,
but at least , as a user of Socket6, we provide the programmer with a
optional "deprecated" API.

The purpose for INET6 is to cover only AF_INET6 connections. I know you
can get an "abstract IP protocol" class by using "getaddrinfo", but
then, if you used your INET6 in such a way:

	INET6::new(PeerAddr => my.router.com  ,
		   PeerAddr => 162 )

you may get the IPv6 , resolution, when , in MRTG, you want to use the
IPv4 resolution, or vice-versa, you wnat to get IPv4, instead of the
expected IPv6 ...

I think it is better to leave control to the caller, i.e, if you want IPv4
, use INET, and if you want IPv6, to use INET...

After all, MRTG seems to run with Socket6-0.12 and INET6-1.28 ...The
latter is at www.cpan.org available. Former is not still. trying to keep
contact with mantainer....

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