[mrtg-developers] Patch for mrtg-2.10.pre5 ?

Rafael Martinez Torres rafael.martinez at novagnet.com
Tue Jul 8 16:46:39 MEST 2003

Hi all there:

I do present this patch to be applied into mrtg-2.10.pre5.


* General terms:
IPv6 is activated automatically only if libraries are present. So user
does not need to know on new flags "--enable-ipv6", and what is most
important, configuration file format does not need any new parameter.
"EnableIPv6","ipv4only"... 100% compatible backwards and forward. (Before
only forward)
Control code is cleaner, and all the managment of underlying IP-Network is
shift entirely into SNMP modules. (Except some DNS resolution needed at mrtg)

./cfgmaker public at
./cfgmaker public@[2003:a044::10]:162
./cfgmaker public at agent.snmp.com

* SNMP_Session : update

Now the "ipv4only" at DNS resolution is considered as a "corner case",
just as the "lenient_source_*_matching" flags.

-$VERSION = '0.97';
+$VERSION = '0.98';

+### Default value for "query_only_IPv4"
+### Set this to non-zero when, given a DNS Agent name, resolving
+### into both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses, your agent does not implement
+### the SNMP v6, but only SNMP v4.
+my $query_only_IPv4=0;

-    if ($ipv4only || ! $SNMP_Session::ipv6available) {
+    if ( ! $SNMP_Session::ipv6available) {

-	@res = getaddrinfo($remote_hostname, $port, AF_UNSPEC, SOCK_DGRAM);
+	@res = getaddrinfo($remote_hostname, $port, ($query_only_IPv4?AF_INET:AF_UNSPEC()), SOCK_DGRAM);

This implies:
	- The interface for SNMP module is restored respect to those of
mrtg-2.9.X. The open($$$$) does not need an extra flag, as "ipv4only" was
	- Independence of the IP protocol for the rest of the MRTG files.

* MRTG_lib.pm:
	Only the parser for new IPv6 addresses is kept. Don't need to know
for any new flag on the mrtg.cfg file.

* SNMP_util.pm, mrtg, cfgmaker:

* doc files.

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