[mrtg-developers] Re: URGENT !!! INET6-1.28 and Socket6-0.12

Rafael Martinez Torres rafael.martinez at novagnet.com
Tue Jul 29 13:28:19 MEST 2003

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:

> Well, considering that the newest versions of MRTG and INET6 don't work
> at all together, you might as well release INET6 1.28 and Socket6 0.12
> and tell users to use the latest version of everything.
> But, getipnodebyname and getipnodebyaddr are *deprecated*. They are not
> part of the IPv6 API any more. RFC 3493 (which obsoletes RFC 2553, which
> defined these functions) says:
> >    3. Removed all references to getipnodebyname() and getipnodebyaddr(),
> >       which are deprecated in favor of getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo().

You should understand they are deprecated only when developing  NEW
protocol independent applications... But when you make code porting
-rewriting IPv4 -, the
"natural" way to replace "gethostbyname" is "getipnodebyname" since they
manage the same info structures ... (struct hostent *) versus (struct
addrinfo *) used by "getaddrinfo" and control return values.

(these notes are registered at perldoc INET6 )

> Is it a good idea to add these functions in Socket6 now that they are
> deprecated? Is it a good idea for INET6 to rely on deprecated functions?

Yes !!! Now you know why INET6-1.27 was faulty !! It is not inmmediate
to transform the structures from "addrinfo" to "hostent" ... You loss the
dimension of types... At least it is my experience, porting code
on several old IPv4 applications (pine was the last).

You can choose, however. getaddrinfo ,getnameinfo are still there... No
changes on there .
For example, MRTG-IPv6 uses getaddrinfo, and it works ... but it is up to
code porter...
I do repeat: MRTG-IPv6 does not need any change if you don't think that.

By the way, MRTG works due to pre-built getaddrinfo on Linux . If you use
it on old kernels/glibc missing getaddrinfo, the provided one at
Socket-0.11 Socket-0.12 only has support for AF_INET . Maybe this is
happening at some old freebsd, not sure.

But I hope to update it at, say, Socket-0.13 ?

Please, test your MRTG with INET6-1.28 and Socket6-0.12
and tell me results...


> Lorenzo

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