[mrtg-developers] MRTG over IPv6 tested with experimental Cisco IOS

Lorenzo Colitti lorenzo at colitti.com
Mon May 19 17:50:18 MEST 2003

Hi Tobias, all,
today I tested MRTG's IPv6 support against an experimental Cisco IOS 
release with SNMP over IPv6 support, and I noticed a bug in the IPv6 
code: SNMP_util and cfgmaker won't parse numeric IPv6 addresses properly 
unless they are followed by SNMP options.

So public@[2001:760:4::1]:161 would work, but public@[2001:760:4::1]
would not. I never noticed this before because the only IPv6 SNMP agent
I tested it on was not on port 161, so I always specified options.

I attach a patch against 2.10.0pre1 which should fix the problem and 
makes one or two small cleanups to the IPv6 code. If possible, I think 
it should be applied before the next release.

Other than that, cfgmaker and mrtg seemed to work fine over IPv6 with 
the experimental Cisco IOS. This is good news for people running 
IPv6-only networks!


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