[mrtg-developers] Re: MRTG over IPv6 tested with experimental Cisco IOS

Lorenzo Colitti lorenzo at colitti.com
Mon May 19 20:04:19 MEST 2003

Rafael Martinez Torres wrote:
> On Valerio's patchs....
> Sorry, these are newbie's questions I thougth under control, but two weeks
> ago I left standby the test and now I have problems
> - mrtg-2.9.29-ipv6.diff and mrtg-10.0pre1   are not about the same patch.
> Please confirm this point

Actually, the IPv6 code in mrtg-2.9.29-ipv6.diff (final version) and 
mrtg-2.10.0pre1 should be exactly the same. But probably there are other 
changes between 2.9.29 and 2.10.0pre1 apart from IPv6...

> - Sorry, I'm a bit confused with my versions:
> 	What should I do to make mrtg-2.[9|10].X IPv6 available ?
> 	(Now I have read the ipv6.html under doc ).

It should be enough to pass --enable-ipv6 to cfgmaker and put 
EnableIPv6: yes in mrtg.cfg.

e.g. cfgmaker --enable-ipv6 public@[2001:760:4::1]


>  cfgmaker public@[2001:618:10:2a03:205:1cff:fe00:1df0] --enableipv6
> Error: can't resolve "[2001" to IP address
> (BTW, Valerio, try this address. It is a net-snmp PC ...)
> It doesn't catch the IPv6 address well. The parser seems to fail...I'm
> sure is my mistake.
> Please, confirm me... I ran it with DNS entry, but don't remember...I'm
> destreassed :-|.

You are seeing the bug I mentioned in my email to the list earlier 
today. In all versions, numeric IPv6 addresses work only when you 
specify IPv6 options.

So public@[2001:760:4::1]:161 works, public@[2001:760:4::1] doesn't.

You can apply this patch, which fixes the bug:


Let me know if you try it.


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