[mrtg-developers] Re: MRTG 2.10 (fwd)

Rafael Martinez Torres rafael.martinez at novagnet.com
Mon May 26 01:05:45 MEST 2003

> I'm affraid there are many basic errors for a Beta version, far from
> steady... :-|

Why not to reconsider my patch again ?

  Or may be developing both at the same time ?

Now it is easier and simpler:

- IPv6 libraries are detected at "configure" time . If you pass the flag
"--enable-ipv6" to the cofigure script, and you don't have the libraries
installed, you will not further compile. ( The same as when gd, libz,
libraries are not present ).

- This is  usually the way IPv6 portings  are incorported in
It makes easier and cleaner the dessign of cfgmaker and mrtg . These don't
have to run
both libraries, (IPv6 if present and if no sucess IPv4) . They simply use
the same routines for both type of protocol families, under the hipothesis
you have the IPv6 libraries found. As explained, if not, you couldn't have
compiled the mrtg system ...

- It is like all the weight of searching libraries (and further
selective mode ) were shift to the "configure" script.  And these are 14
lines in "configure.in" !!!

- No flags are passed to cfgmaker. Just use the "--enable-ipv6" at
configure, not at cfgmaker.

- Of course, you don't need to modify the mrtg config files at all. You
don't need the "EnableIPv6 :yes" at mrtg.cfg . If your mrtg is IPv6
enabled you will manage the IPv6 address. Otherwise, not .

If you want to try it, please README file attached. Don't forget the
"autoconf" step . The new "configure" is not included at the patch, in
order to make it cleaner.

WARNING  (TODO)- (More info on README.MRTG-v6):

	- The patch is dessigned to test with IPv6 libraries. So, try
it with the flag "--enable-ipv6". With them , you will run IPv6 AND IPv4
connectivity .
	- You will have problems if you try the "normal" version (without
the "--enable-ipv6"). I
apologize: due to my unexperience on Perl I forgot keeping the the
old IPv4 only version. Why ? I don't know how to connect the values
obtained in the configure script with the mrtg project. But it will be
fixed soon. It is not difficult.

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