[mrtg-developers] Re: MRTG 2.10 (fwd)

Rafael Martinez Torres rafael.martinez at novagnet.com
Mon May 26 00:26:35 MEST 2003

Summing up on the last patches...

1.- mrtg-2.10-pre1

2.- Faulty numeric IPv6 addresses:
	patch-mrtg-2.10pre1-numericv6  solved it:
3.- snmpd in violation of RFC 1157:
	Possible causes: module faulty INET6?.
		Try alternative INET6.pm  (INET6-1.90).

	My experience:
		Original MRTG was ready even to handle different origin
		and source addresses.Hence, this violation was already in
		mind and must be kept.
		Using INET6-1.90 does NOT solve the problem.
		INET6-1.25 (that from Debian) is NOT wrong. It runs well
		even on my patch.
		So, the problem must be in your SNMP modules...It is useless
		to track tcpdump.

4.- log session:
		The patch is unapplyable to mrtg-2.10pre1 + numericIpv6 .
		If you apply to mrtg-2.10pre1, then
			numericIpv6 will not be appliable.

5.- As a result , I haven't been able to run Lorenzo's patch still.  Those
data testing against HITACHI routers were done with my patch. Sorry. At
least, with i386-suse8.0-linux .

I'm affraid there are many basic errors for a Beta version, far from
steady... :-|

On Fri, 23 May 2003, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:

> Hi Tobias,
> yes, it's a problem in the IPv6 code. I didn't notice it because it only
> seems to happen when logging is turned on *and* you get an SNMP error
> (at least, that was the only way I could reproduce it). It can be fixed
> in two ways:

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