[mrtg-developers] Re: MRTG 2.10 (fwd)

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Mon May 26 19:43:47 MEST 2003

Today Lorenzo Colitti wrote:

> No, you can't fix it that way.
> The problem is that we have to work around a bug in the Debian INET6
> module. Specifically, if you call IO::Socket::INET6->new() without
> specifying a remote address, INET6.pm will create an IPv4 socket, and
> IPv6 won't work.
> The workaround for this bug is to specify the host and port in the
> IO::Socket::INET6->new() call. But this causes the "reply from different
> IPv6 address doesn't work" problem. So you can't just use a different
> INET6, you have to modify both INET6 and SNMP_Session.
> If you have found a workaround for this bug without modifying the Debian
> INET6.pm, please let me know how you do it, so I can try to reproduce
> your results (looking the INET6 code it seems improbable, though).


how about detecting if we are running on a broken system and only
workaround if this is the case. By all means file a bug with
debian, if you can supply a patch, even better.

> > 	My experience:
> > 		Original MRTG was ready even to handle different origin
> > 		and source addresses.Hence, this violation was already in
> > 		mind and must be kept.
> Yes, you are right. This should work.
> I think the solution for this is that we agree on *one* version of
> INET6.pm, find a maintainer for it, upload it to CPAN, and fix the bugs.
> Distributing yet another version of INET6 is not the solution, IMHO.

at least for debian there must be a maintainer already.

> But we still have the problem of deciding on a version of INET6 and
> uploading it to CPAN. Do you want to upload your version of INET6 to
> CPAN and maintain it? Or shall I fix the bug in the Debian version?

I would suggest doing that in any case.

On another note, you may have notices the BEGIN block in mrtg which
tests if the LANG environment variable is set to utf-8 and
complains loudly if it finds this, suggesting a workaround ... I
could imagine something like this when you detect the 'broken'


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