[mrtg-developers] Re: MRTG 2.10 (fwd)

Lorenzo Colitti lorenzo at colitti.com
Tue May 27 18:00:45 MEST 2003

Rafael Martinez Torres wrote:
>>>The problem is that we have to work around a bug in the Debian INET6
>>>module. Specifically, if you call IO::Socket::INET6->new() without
>>>specifying a remote address, INET6.pm will create an IPv4 socket, and
>>>IPv6 won't work.
> Then ( and only then ) this will be bug on INET6.pm

Yes, it is a bug in INET6.pm (the Debian version).

>>>The workaround for this bug is to specify the host and port in the
>>>IO::Socket::INET6->new() call. But this causes the "reply from different
>>>IPv6 address doesn't work" problem. So you can't just use a different
>>>INET6, you have to modify both INET6 and SNMP_Session.
> Did you ckeck my INET6.pm then ? If mine is sucessfull, then it would be
> easier to use the correct one than hacking the SNMP_Session.

If we use your INET6.pm, we have to change SNMP_Session.pm as well.

> Please, I think you are replying to "mrtg-developers-bounce". I didn't
> reach this message but forwareded by Tobias.

No, I sent it to mrtg-developers, with you in CC. You can see it in the 
archive: http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/mrtg-developers/msg00161.html

> Yes , I will try in the next hours... I have to investigate how the
> www.cpan.org works... searching the correct list...There are many...

Wait, before we do this it might be a good idea to contact the Debian 
maintainer, Masahiro Omote. Maybe he is interested in maintaing INET6.pm 
on CPAN as well...


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