[mrtg-developers] INET6.pm

Lorenzo Colitti lorenzo at colitti.com
Tue May 27 20:33:06 MEST 2003

Hi Masahito,

I am a Ph.D student at Roma Tre University in Italy.

Our research group has added IPv6 support to MRTG (http://www.mrtg.org/) 
and the SNMP_Session.pm and SNMP_util.pm Perl modules that it uses. The 
code has been included in MRTG 2.10.0pre1 and will hopefully be included 
in the next stable release.

Our code uses the Socket6 and IO::Socket::INET6 perl modules from the 
Debian package libsocket6-perl (we fixed Debian bug 180450, in this 
package, as part of our work).

But while Socket6.pm can be downloaded from the CPAN archive, INET6.pm 
is only available in Debian, so anyone who does not use Debian must 
download it from our web site.

There is also another version of INET6.pm, similar to yours, which was 
written by Rafael Martinez as part of a separate IPv6 patch for MRTG. 
Like yours, this version is based on Graham Barr's INET.pm. A third 
version, very different from these two, is included in PLD Linux.

The fact that there are many versions of INET6.pm, and that neither is 
available on CPAN, will probably confuse lots of users and Perl IPv6 
application developers. It definitely confused us in the beginning!

So after discussion on the MRTG developers' mailing list, we thought 
that it would be better both for users of MRTG and for Perl IPv6 
developers if there were only one version of INET6.pm and if this 
version were available on CPAN.

Do you agree?

As you are the maintainer for Debian libsocket6-perl, would you be 
interested in uploading INET6.pm to CPAN and maintaining it?

If not, what would you suggest? Perhaps Rafael could upload his version 
to CPAN, but then the Debian version would be different to the CPAN 
version, again causing confusion...


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