[mrtg-developers] Getting error from MRTGwhenrunningexternalscript

Scott S. Heath SHeath at udi.com
Tue Mar 18 23:21:40 CET 2008

Ok, I've got numbers now on the page but they aren't what I have in the
file. I'm sure MRTG is doing some kind of math against the input but I'm
not sure what it is.

If I knew I could compensate for it in my Perl script. Is there an
option to have it report the raw numbers?

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On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 10:57:22AM -0500, Scott S. Heath wrote:
> Alex,
> I feel so much better knowing I'm not nuts and that my code does work.
> MRTG runs fine w/o the external program interface (got it watching our
> router at the datacenter so we can charge customers bandwidth)
> I found the last newline and removed it. 
> 0000000   2   0   0  \n   0  \n   0  \n   C   o   p   y   Q   u   e
> 0000020   e   L   e   n   g   t   h
> 0000027

I didn't imply that you should remove that newline.  I think it is
better to keep it in.  I was just wondering why the output did have
a newline but your code did not show this.

> The script has 777 permissions (I'll adjust these later) and I still
> the same error.

In this case I have only one suggestion left, if that doesn't work
then someone else will have to step in:

What version of mrtg are you using, maybe you should upgrade or, if
you use the latest version, try one version below.

good luck with your problem.

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