[mrtg-developers] How to tickets in MRTG trac?

Sandro Tosi matrixhasu at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 09:29:15 CET 2009

Hi Tobias,

On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 05:08, Tobias Oetiker <tobi at oetiker.ch> wrote:
> Hi Sandro,
> you have to log in (as shown on the frontpage) then you should be
> able to open the ticket

oh damn! I stopped reading at "wiki pages" and didn't read those
usernam/pwd are for the ticket too :( Thanks for showing me the
obvious :)

> otoh you can also post the bugs to this list

Ah sure, but in Debian we have a way to "link" Debian bugs with
upstream bugs tracking system (trac included) that also monitors the
"remote" bugs status to update the Debian one.

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